Kolab Arkitekter AS

Since its founding, Kolab has also been a co-working space called Kollaboratoriet housing architects, designers, artists, programmers and writers. Cross-disciplinary co-operation and collaboration have been a core part of our practice. Currently Mestres Wåge Arkitekter and Thomas Holt are part of this space.


Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal
Kolab Arkitekter AS


Partner Kolab Arkitekter AS. Anna has a background from independent theatre, and preliminary studies in fine arts. She is currently involved in small and medium scaled architectural projects, art projects and set design, in addition to teaching architecture. Anna graduated from Bergen School of Architecture in 2013. Her thesis was awarded the Statsbygg's student award, and received honors.


Sindre Wam
Kolab Arkitekter AS


Partner Kolab Arkitekter AS and graduated from Bergen School of Architecture in 2013. Sindre has an educational background consisting of a bachelor in economics as well as preliminary studies in fine arts. Besides working as an architect, he is also involved in various art projects and exhibitions throughout Norway, as well organizing workshops in art and architecture.


Mestres Wåge Arkitekter



Thomas Holt