As a result of the feasibility study done for The Oslo School of Architecture, it became clear that the old student pub had an unused potential. The main reason is its location at the main entrance of the school, and its exposure to visitors arriving the main entrance and the passing public in Maridalsveien. The space is also physically disconnected from the rest of the school, which makes it possible to invite the public in at nighttime.

In spite of these qualities, the space had for a long while been underdeveloped. In cooperation with the students at AHO we initiated a temporary transformation and reprogramming of the space to be a gallery where we could exhibit the feasibility study. The experiences from this simple transformation lead to a permanent upgrade of the space, which is now a space for lectures, exhibitions and the student pub. The new plan is therefore made as open as possible, with flexible furnishing and a curtain that can divide the space into different zones with different light – and exposure qualities